Ayurvedic medicine and treatment for diabetes

Ayurvedic medicine and treatment for diabetes

Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes: Diabetes is known as “madhumeha” in ayurveda world. It is also known as major chronic disease as all parts of the body and every cell of the human anatomy is affected by Diabetes. According to Ayurved, it also destroys five sheath of the body that is food sheath, energy sheath, mind sheath, intellectual sheath and bliss sheath.

The main cause of diabetes according to the Ayurveda is lack of exercise and consumption of junk/bad food. The use of medicinal herbs and change in lifestyle by leading a disciplined life can keep the diabetes in control.

Ayurvedic Medicine Remedies for diabetes

Diet management is at the best way to control diabetes. The person has to take balanced diet with few modifications and also the intake of sugar, fats, rice and potato must be under control. Daily exercise regimen should become the part of the person’s daily lifestyle. Yoga can also be helpful in reducing stress, which is one of the causes of the diabetes.

Major herbs that can be used to manage diabetes in Ayurvedic treatment are:

Herbal treatment generally aims to restore the balance of the doshas of our body

Cinnamon acts like insulin decreasing blood glucose levels and cholesterol, which are part of the type 1 of the diabetes, Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes.

Fenugreek acts in same manner lowering blood sugar level in the patient. The soluble fiber content of the fenugreek also adds in weight control.

Blueberry is powerful element in lowering blood sugar level in the patient with diabetes .the leaves of the blueberry effectively lower the blood sugar levels in the patients of diabetes. It can also be used to lower the inflammation of liver, kidney and prostate.

Ayurvedic medicines works on the root cause of the blood sugar disturbance, strengthening the patient's immunity, enhancing digestion and helping them to lead a healthy life. Along with medication, dietary and lifestyle changes are also recommended to rejuvenate the body's cells and tissues, allowing them to produce insulin properly.

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