Ayurvedic High Blood Pressure Program

Ayurvedic High Blood Pressure Program

Countries like India will soon be termed as heart disease capital of the world due to an increase in the number of cardiac problems in people including the younger ones. Hospitals like Apollo, Delhi have reported of getting patients from the age group from 24-35 and even younger some cases suffering from a heart attack.

Due to a stressful lifestyle which is now being followed by a maximum number of population, health issues like high blood pressure or hypertension is now common among the people of all age groups. Hypertension is due to the increase in the pressure of blood in the arteries.

Deadline, targets and turnover are some of the things that dictate people daily routine while health takes a backseat. People now usually wait for the wakeup call before turning their concern towards their body which usually happens in the later stage of the problems. After their 40s people generally take their medicine for high blood pressure as the first thing in the morning which is affecting their lives in the worst way.


Dizziness: Sudden dizziness or loss of balance should not be ignored. While dizziness can also be due to blood pressure medication but if you are not on medication and experiencing dizziness, it is advisable to consult the doctors.
Face flushing: While it can also occur due to the exposure to harsh sun rays or due to consumption of any alcoholic or spicy content but if that’s not the case, there is a possibility that you might be in the early stage of high blood pressure or hypertension.
• Likewise, nose bleeding or headaches are commonly referred to as factors of high blood pressure but take some rest before panicking or reaching any conclusions.

HBP Care lotion ( An Ayurvedic Medicine for High BP) by Vidza Rise High provide natural treatment to the human body to reduce constriction of vessels and improve blood flow across the body to prevent HBP.

Our ayurvedic medicine for high blood pressure(HBP Care lotion) to reduce hypertension have a set of natural ingredients such as Arjuna myrobalan, Withania somnifera, Bacopa monnieri, Convolvulus pluricaulis etc. These herbs work as neuro relaxants. The phyto ingredients help in reducing depression that in many cases is directly linked to the condition of high BP, even though, depression is still not considered to be a factor for HBP by the conventional system of medicine.

Untreated high blood pressure can cause heart failure, peripheral arterial disease, retinal problems and a number of issues which can be effectively cured by taking high blood pressure supplements made up of Bacopa monnieri and Withania somnifera. HBP Care lotion to reduce hypertension reduce HBP by improving blood flow across body organs, reducing pressure on blood vessels, and improving the metabolic functions of the body to prevent deposition of bad cholesterol in the inner walls of blood vessels.

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