Aloe Vera Shampoo

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Aloevera Shampoo promotes speedy hair growth, prevents hair fall and balances the natural hair colour. Aloevera Shampoo is enriched with Vitamin B12, which is the major source of new hair growth and maintain the healthy volume of hair organically. This shampoo rinses out the pollution and toxic chemicals thoroughly which often hair embrace while travelling or working.


Apply on your wet hair, do not rub on scalp, and use fingertips to spread evenly all over moving from to root to tip on hair strands.
Leave it for 2-3 minutes
Rinse with normal water
For better results: Use twice a week.


Keep it away from direct Sunlight and out of reach from children.


Promotes natural hair growthHelps in reducingsplit ends
Prevents early greying
Prevents Hair Fall

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